Kale Charity is a brand new charitable organisation, dedicated to using tech to help good causes.

We work with other charitable bodies to create, improve and maintain their digital offerings, and create our own digital projects, which are free for the public to use.

Support Us

Monthly Goal


We’re supported by a number of people making small, regular donations, and would love your help too!

Charitable Aims

Our purpose is to use tech to help good causes, by:

The provision of technical assistance to improve existing digital offerings, and future digital projects, of voluntary organisations

The creation of digital amenities for free public use, such as animal adoption listings

Increasing contribution of technical help to good causes, by giving advice to digital professionals to encourage them to provide assistance to voluntary organisations, for free


After working through our OSCR application process, we’d like to:

Develop and officially release Adopt Animals

Continue to develop and support the Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home apps

Set up methods for donating to the charity, including Patreon and direct debit, and claim tax relief on said donations

Create a blog for our projects


Skye Welch


Adam McFall


Laurence Gooch